We enable our customers to ship digital solutions

Enabling Quality@Speed Software Delivery

At DigitalQ, we are inspired by the rapid changes in the digital landscape. The demands for short DevOps cycle times, cloud-native solutions, machine learning and AI in software development as well as hidden reliability and quality debts disrupt testing in all dimensions – skills, processes, and tools. Our mission is clear: we empower our customers to ship digital solutions, at speed, and with confidence.

Our Mission

We empower our customers to ship digital solutions, at speed, and with confidence.

Swiss Digital Network

One hub. Multiple expertise.

DigitalQ is an agile and independent consulting cell of Swiss Digital Network (SDN). Our  Digital Highway Blueprint enables organizations to deliver reliable digital solutions. We leverage essential capabilities such as Observability, SRE, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Verification (CV) – a major pattern to automate quality verification based on test results and system behaviors under unexpected conditions, like chaos engineering.


SDN serves as a hub of collaborative, agile cells with complementary expertise fields, offering an excellent platform to accelerate the delivery of Effective Continuous Verifications to our customers.

Why Test Engineering Has To Change

Effective Continuous Verification for High-Velocity Delivery

As organizations embrace DevOps and MLOps, testing remains the throttle for real agility. To deploy continuously and on demand, quality must be an intrinsic, observable vector within CI/CD pipelines. Continuous verification enables developers and reliability engineers to embed quality analytics, prediction, and self-healing into delivery and operations.
Effective Continuous Verification is the incremental and adaptable path to transform testing practices, increasing value, reducing cost, and fostering shared responsibility for quality across the organization, ultimately enabling high-velocity delivery.

Breaking The Test Pyramid
About Right-sized Testing

Disrupting Testing

Established testing models are no longer fit for purpose in today’s world of microservice architectures, everything-as-code, and continuous delivery. We approach testing with an engineering DNA, help you disrupt testing and build a right-sized model. We guide our customers to find the right mix between established Test Engineering and State-Of-The-Art Test and verification approaches, balancing shift left, shift right, and ML/AI-driven practices.

Our key capabilities

how We Help you

Each of these offerings is essential in our mission to enable organizations to achieve Quality@Speed through Effective Continuous Verification, ensuring reliable and high-quality digital solutions.

Why Choose DigitalQ?

DigitalQ is an agile and independent consulting cell of the Swiss Digital Network.

We offer consulting, engineering, and training services around complementary practices such as Effective SRE and Effective MLOps. Our founders have over 20 years of experience in adjacent fields, making us pioneers in Continuous Verification (CV) in the Swiss market.

Our Hybrid Core Team, composed of experienced Software-Test, Performance & Reliability Engineers, and talented MLOps Engineers, offers holistic and specialized consulting services. We leverage CV technology pioneers, proven Open-Source Solutions, and hands-on experiments in our Effective CV Lab to design and build your Effective CV Platform.

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